Iron Design Company was established to promote modern designs in hand formed iron objects, transforming a bold material into everyday items that are innovative and inviting. Additionally, IDC supports an apprenticeship with the local highschool, giving students a unique opportunity to work with their hands.


Iron Design Company shapes steel into inviting and unique articles. Contrary to belief, modern day usage of iron is more accurately steel. Familiar terms such as "wrought" and "forged" describe how iron itself and iron goods were made and continue to be common descriptions of formed steel products. In many ways, our studio is similar to the ages-old iron workshop, yet with a number of modern technical conveniences. We use heat, hammer, and hydraulics to form steel stock; and pencil, clay, and wire to draft and model designs.


The majority of the items we create are formed in steel, the world's most recycled material. The steel Iron Design Company uses orginates in steel mills producing structural type steels with 80-90% recycled content. Interestingly, steel goods will always contain recycled steel.

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